the lonely island

Leave it to none other than Seth Rogen to take an uncomfortable situation and somehow make it uncomfortably hilarious. The actor and director known for spearheading outrageous blockbusters like The 40[...]

Josh Ostrovsky, better known as The Fat Jew, wrote a hilarious review regarding the whacked out fashion that comes out of Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. For those unfamiliar, you can[...]

The Chainsmokers have been receiving quite a bit of negative feedback lately. From reviews on their album, Memories... Do Not Open, to critiques on their ongoing album tour, they can't seem[...]

A Facebook video has gone viral over the weekend showcasing the very lax security screening implemented by a lone security guard. The security guard lightly hovers his fingers over festival goers in the same[...]
betty white

As 2016 closes millenials and people all over the world are whining about this year being "the worst ever" after some celebrities have passed away (and they didn't get their[...]
gary johnson

If you've been following the 2016 US election, you've probably heard "Libertarian" Presidential candidate Gary Johnson argue that one major party choice is dumb and the other is a crook.[...]

The weather is getting warmer as summer kicks into gear. For electronic music lovers, that warm weather beckons for a trip to the beautiful white isles of Ibiza. It also[...]

EDM snobbery is nothing new, and it seems there are few artists who can escape their attacks. Apparently some music purists and EDM snobs criticized producers that use samples on Soundcloud. Laidback[...]

It's always a good day when two of your favorite things meet.  For me, this is Game Of Thrones and dance music.  Yes, the hit HBO show and dance music[...]

This one goes out to one of  the most unexpectedly awesome experiences the EDMTunes staff happened across while on board Groove Cruise Miami this year - curated by a lesser known group[...]

Feature Article

Meeting People At Festivals: Friends, Lovers, And Everything In Between It’s 2 AM, you haven’t showered in three days, you’re high as a kite,...

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