Maybe we shouldn't lose faith in the headphone jack-less iPhone 7 yet (though, let's be honest: most of us have already accepted the fact that we'll lose those AirPods in an instant). Have no fear, friends: there is[...]

Most of us love SXSW because of the countless music showcases, but it's important to remember that the event is also a chance for innovators to debut new products. Sony and its Future Lab program took the opportunity[...]

You may already think that music makes you happy, but Nervana has taken it to the next level and created headphones that allow you to feel the music like never before. They literally get you high while you[...]

Last year, GQ did a special the 'Most Expensivest S***' with 2 Chainz featuring a pair of headphones from the early 1990s released by heavyweight headphones maker Sennheiser dubbed the Orpheus HE90. Only 300 were made and in[...]

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Meeting People At Festivals: Friends, Lovers, And Everything In Between It’s 2 AM, you haven’t showered in three days, you’re high as a kite,...

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