OWSLA has always been one of the top labels to provide us with huge producers who make impacts in the music industry. The boss Skrillex is always pleasing the fans[...]

It's that time again, OWSLA radio time and this time it's all about slushii. Some episodes feature Skrillex and the crew hanging out, and some feature full length mixes. Well,[...]

For those of you that know OWSLA Radio well, you know that you can always have high expectations that are likely to be exceeded. Well, this week is no exception, as the[...]

OWSLA Radio Episode 12 Fun Fact: The number 91 is divisible by 1, 7, 13, 91 and as of last weekend Skrillex. This past weekend Skrillex dropped his OWSLA Radio[...]

If you're like most of us and gathering with your friends before going out, you find yourself powering up the TV and speaker to pregame. Usually it's festival aftermovies, live[...]

After a few episodes that featured the entire OWSLA squad chatting it up and listening to some records, the show has taken an interesting turn in recent episodes. The last[...]

Right now some of the hottest producers in dance music are named for sweet treats. You already know more than you should about the ever popular marshmello, but the close[...]

Following up on their critically acclaimed EP Desserts, Cazzette is back with a sneak peek of their latest track "Blue Sky," ahead of its upcoming June 3rd release. In addition[...]

Fans of the mysterious new EDM icon are beside themselves with the release of this new hour long mix, which was recorded in preparation for his upcoming appearance at Hard Summer. Slushii[...]

OWSLA Radio Episode 8 Remember the days when we used to have to compile all of these individual songs and put them in our own creative playlists? Well those days[...]

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The new year is only just getting started, but Tomorrowland just got everybody super psyched for July already. The festival just revealed...
EDC Las Vegas 2017
EDC Las Vegas 2017

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