William Vance

Currently Residing in Portland, Oregon. @EDMTunesWill https://soundcloud.com/willvancemusic

USC Events knows how to throw a show, there is no denying that. Anything from Paradiso to Resolution to FreakNight and more are all staples in any raver's yearly budget. Just around the corner marks Washington's favorite Saint[...]

Nestled into the open Oregon flatland is What The Festival; a completely unique and all immersive festival unlike any other. What The Festival, or WTF for short, is a music festival where music is only half of the[...]

Tom Bull - Move On Up House music heavyweight Tom Bull is back again with another heater. With an upfront energy in all of his production, his latest single, titled "Move On Up", sits as another notch in[...]

USC Events is a household name among the Pacific Northwest raver community. Hosting massive events such as Resolution and Paradiso, each one of their unique and awe-inspiring events could easily fit onto any dance-music fan's bucket list. Now[...]

It can be a hard task for an electronic music artist to stand out in such a crowded industry. But Sweater Beats has managed to take every single nugget of individuality and push it to the extreme. During[...]

GANGSIGNS - With You EP Portland-based producer, GANGSIGNS, has quickly risen to be one of the leading acts coming out of the Pacific Northwest. Known for finessing his way from Jersey-Club to Trap to future bass, and everything[...]

Tove Lo - Cool Girl (Two Friends Remix) Everything that Two Friends comes in contact with turns to gold, and what better to be Midas-touched than Tove Lo's anthem "Cool Girl". Her uplifting vocals and trendy swagger are[...]

DJ Snake is everywhere. His meteoric rise to stardom has been marked with hit after hit, which have all come together to make him one of the most popular French acts in history. Some of his predecessors, like[...]

It must be a hard and lonely life at the top, and nobody is more elevated than EDM producer Calvin Harris. The Scottish superstar recently was giving his fans a small taste of an upcoming single via live stream. A[...]

USC Events is the group behind some of the best things happening in dance music in the Pacific Northwest. Hosting events like Paradiso, Freak Night, and Lucky are destination events for many non-locals, and their New Years Eve[...]

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Rising London-based producer Oshi, has made some major moves over the past few years, but the 18-year-old may be making his biggest move...

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