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As we prepare for the final week before heading to Lightning in a Bottle, we must make one of the most important decisions: who we want to see over the course of the festival. If you need some ideas,[...]

Snapchat is at it yet again with a slew of new features released in one of its largest updates to date. As Mashable writes ever so succinctly, "it changes, well, almost everything." With this update, the app now offers[...]

Ah, the ongoing, never-ending battle that is the music streaming world. We all know too well that platforms like Soundcloud, Pandora, Spotify and Apple Music have been in an ongoing battle to keep up with each other, stay attractive to users,[...]

The ever-popular, ever-struggling music streaming service SoundCloud is doing its best to fight back with the release of a new service called The Upload, a feature that creates a playlist of newly uploaded tracks for users who are logged[...]

As more details are unveiled about the cancelled Fyre Festival meant to occur this past weekend in The Bahamas, a number of individuals have said their piece on the festival and the plans behind its creation. One voice we did[...]

After the massive disaster that was Ja Rule and Billy McFarland's Fyre Festival this past weekend, here's some news we all saw coming: the festival is now facing a class action lawsuit. The lawsuit was filed on behalf of Daniel Jung,[...]

Kick your weekend off with one of the most epic event lineups we've seen in a long time: the full stage-by-stage list of performers for this year's epic EDC Las Vegas has arrived. Posted to their Twitter account about an hour[...]

Unless you've been hiding under a rock for the past 24 hours, you're probably aware of the disaster that is the Fyre Festival, a once-intended luxury party in Exumas, The Bahamas. The event, put on by Ja Rule's company Fyre, has[...]

Smooth Operator w/ Joel Fletcher Ft Bianca - Tyron Hapi After setting dance floors ablaze with Embers, Tyron Hapi, Joel Fletcher and Bianca have teamed up once more to produce their latest hands-in-the-air anthem, "Smooth Operator". Opening with acoustic[...]

Insomniac head honcho Pasquale Rotella truly took a unique spin on this year's lineup reveal for EDC Las Vegas - happening this year on June 16-19th and arguably one of the most well-known raves both in the U.S. and globally - by announcing a[...]

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Insomniac Unveils Merchandise For EDC 2017 Electric Daisy Carnival is one of the highest regarded electronic music festivals in the world bringing in...

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