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Dance music has invaded prime time culture in a surprising way. Sonny Moore aka Skrillex sat down for an interesting and honest interview on a range of topics with Katie Couric. He talked about his beginnings in music,[...]

Kaskade - Disarm You Feat. Ilsey Even though things might sound like doom and gloom for SoundCloud, it's still the go-to spot for unreleased music previews. While the past few months have seen Kaskade venture pretty deep (get it?)[...]

When Galantis first arrived on the scene they caught the ears of dance fans through their progressive sounds and addicting lyricism.The Swedish duo comprised of Christian Karlsson and Linus Eklow had a unique sound that produced hit after[...]

Digital Lab vs. Henrix - Drop Low | Beatport While Miami based producers Henrix and Digital Lab have release numerous singles of various styles and on various labels, it is their collaboration 'Hit It' that remains each of their biggest tracks[...]

We've seen time and time again that Soundcloud is in a financially tenuous position. The writing has been on the wall for some time now that changes would eventually come, and things are about to get serious. Today[...]

As if Electric Daisy Carnival's flagship festival isn't exciting enough with its formally announced lineup, now we are getting a steady stream of "surprise" sets. Last year one of the best surprise sets was Kaskade taking some time[...]

As Avicii has been slowly unveiling the chapters of his upcoming Stories album, his track 'Waiting for Love' seems to be the one with the most similarities to his smash hit 'Wake Me Up'. It's got that instantly[...]

The world's number 1 DJ is in the mood to show a different side of himself under the electric sky. Those who have followed Hardwell's career know that he holds himself out to be quite the turntablist, and regrets that[...]

Over the past 5 years, the scale and production levels at festival have skyrocketed. For those who have been attending for that long, it might also be clear that big name brands have stepped into the picture in[...]

As festival season continues along this weekend, the next festival on the calendar is Bonnaroo from Tennessee. This year the roo will be serving up not only a live video stream, but will also be broadcasting live on SiriusXM.[...]

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Eric Prydz' EPIC 5.0 blew us away only a few weeks ago. Now, he's debuted a completely one-of-a-kind show for Hï Ibiza...

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