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Kaskade has been absolutely killing it lately, and is showing no signs of slowing down. First he drops his groovy single "Never Sleep Alone" and then he attracts some of the largest crowds in Coachella history for 2[...]

Lineup releases are becoming so cliche at this point, aren't they? At some point, a little drip of information leaks out and teasers pop up before a wall of names appears online. Some festivals have shifted to announcing[...]

King Arthur ft. Michael Meaco - Belong To The Rhythm (Don Diablo Edit) Not satisfied with continuously releasing fantastic future house, Dutchman Don Diablo recently kicked off the Hexagon era with a new label and podcast to go[...]

In 2014, Ultra Music Festival began ticket sales in the Fall in conjunction with the 2014 Aftermovie. Flash forward to now and we are getting a preview of the 2015 Aftermovie along with ticket sales for 2016. Tickets[...]

Ben Gold Ft. Eric Lumiere - Hide Your Heart Trance producer, Ben Gold, simply can't stop pumping out solid releases. While many trance-fam members are probably still listening to the epic and fast paced 'Atomic' on repeat, Gold previewed his[...]

We've spent enough time writing about the popularity of streaming services like Pandora, Spotify, Beatport, and Soundcloud but do you remember the one that started it all? Grooveshark was the   first introduction to the streaming concept for[...]

Tchami - Confessions #2 In today's dance music environment, it has become almost expected to have a podcast. It's a great way to get exposure and also give fans a taste of what you might play in your[...]

While many say that Tidal is a colossal flop and a waste of time, nobody can deny that Tidal has provided a healthy dose of comedic value over the past few weeks. In response to a wave (get[...]

Ultra Music Festival was exactly a month ago and most attendees are just now finally able to return to normal without daily feelings of "take me back". Well, Ultra doesn't want you to stop thinking about their flagship[...]

Jauz might be one of the hottest rising talents in electronic music right now. His expert blend of future house and hip-hop elements has made its way into the sets of countless artists over the past few months.[...]

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The Rick Ross and Skrillex collaboration, 'Purple Lamborghini' just went certified platinum in the United States with over 1 million copies sold. Rick...

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