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EDMTunes Sits Down with James Zwadlo, Creative Director for The Chainsmokers What do you do? Hey, I'm James and I'm the Creative Director for The Chainsmokers. With my partner Lev and our company 'Impossible Brief' we have been[...]

You can't say they didn't warn you. If you follow Ultra on social media, the festival kept a constant stream of updates concerning ticket availabiltiy. We saw as the tickets hit 90% sold out, then 95%, then 97%, and[...]

Porter Robinson might just be the George R.R. Martin of dance music. He's a huge perfectionist, and has no problem prolonging his creative periods to hone his final product into what he wants. He also struggles with periods[...]

The Tomorrowland 2017 hype machine is kicking into gear today, as the festival began  announcing its first 'Daybreak Sessions' artists and a slew of phase 1 headliners. Daybreak Sessions is a unique Tomorrowland set that kicks off right[...]

With all of the doom and gloom festival news throughout 2016 and the first month of 2017, we're thrilled to bring you some news of festival growth and expansion. Ultra Brazil has announced that it is expanding from[...]

The new year is only just getting started, but Tomorrowland just got everybody super psyched for July already. The festival just revealed their stage hosts for the 2017 edition of the festival, and double the weekends means double[...]

We thought the end of 2016 might mean the bleeding of dance music festivals would come to an end as well. We are not even one month into 2017 and we have already lost two more festivals. Obviously,[...]

A Fox News report suggests that the Zetas cartel has claimed responsibility for the  shooting at Playa del Carmen's Blue Parrot that left five people dead. Yesterday morning, four blankets featuring the same message, directed at Phillip Pulitano, a Canadian[...]

Skrillex is the modern day rock star, traveling the world and having an amazing time while doing so. Sonny and his entourage share plenty of their travels with us via Snapchat, Facebook live, Instagram, and more already. Skrillex[...]

From First To Last - Make War Sonny Moore, aka Skrillex, has grown to be one of the most legendary names in all of dance music. Those who call him by Sonny will also probably tell you that[...]

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Faithless Insomnia

Over the past couple of years, there have been videos surfacing on YouTube of casual and dedicated former ravers performing the tune...

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