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While everybody is gearing up for EDC Vegas coming up, there are still plenty of other good festivals coming up this year. Nocturnal Wonderland is Pasquale Rotella's longest running event, reaching 22 years of music in 2017. For[...]

Eric Prydz' EPIC 5.0 is far more than just a DJ set. It's one of the most technologically advanced audio-visual experiences anywhere on earth. While we still bask in the green everglow of EPIC 5.0, Eric's team took[...]

Love him or hate him, David Guetta was the producer back in the late 2000s that helped dance music break through into the mainstream by teaming up with huge pop stars of the time for vocals. Fast forward a[...]

Miami's Club Space has always had a foot in the underground, so now that the scene is flourishing Space is reaping the benefits under new ownership and alignment with groups like Link Miami Rebels. This past weekend Space teamed[...]

It's been only one week since Eric Prydz blew the lid off London for his EPIC 5.0 performance at the Steel Yard megastructure, and we can already get our hands on the full set. While you won't get[...]

File this one under nightmare festival scenarios. In the wake of Manchester, the live music industry is reasonably on edge for terror attacks. Today, a German Rock music festival has been forced to evacuate the entire festival for[...]

Ultra Music Festival is kicking its 2017 International run into high gear. Ultra Japan 2017 just announced an epic Phase 1 lineup for one of the festival's biggest international events. Japan will be bringing out live acts like[...]

This weekend featured 2 legendary sets from legendary producers that undoubtedly caused plenty of fomo around the world. Eric Prydz had his EPIC 5.0 in London, and his buddy Deadmau5 was doing his first ever Testpilot festival show[...]

No, seriously. Right now Oliver Heldens is thousands of feet up in the air on a hot air balloon streaming some future house beats. It's a set small enough to make you sweat from fear, as there appears[...]

You've gotta admit that there are worse problems a festival could have than their ticket site crashing from too much interest. However Ultra Music Festival has been down this road before, and received heavy criticism for it in[...]

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Eric Prydz' EPIC 5.0 blew us away only a few weeks ago. Now, he's debuted a completely one-of-a-kind show for Hï Ibiza...

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