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After a slew of articles parroting The Washington Post's attacks against Philip Anschutz, Owner of AEG Live which owns Coachella, Anschultz is speaking out. We brought you this story earlier in the week, explaining the fact that it was really[...]

Politics has become so tumultuous at this point in America, that diversity of opinion is constantly under attack. There is a large group of people that no longer believe in two styles of governance. These people are of[...]

It's always great when we have music related Deadmau5 news, which is certainly more exciting than the alternative story about his recent Indian food dinner. All jokes aside, a new year means new R1 Residencies for BBC Radio[...]

Ludacris - Roll Out (HiGuys Remix) Jake Berman aka HiGuys, hailing from South Florida, has been making noise within the Southeast DJ scene. Playing support for acts of all levels has become the norm for this up and[...]

Wow, Eric Prydz seriously never stops does he? We had Opus in 2016 which we ranked as our best dance music album of the year, and that was after 3 Pryda EPs which count amount to an album[...]

They say there's no such thing as a free lunch. And that's fine, they may be right. As DJ Khaled has come teach us though, "they" don't want you to have a good time, which means they don't[...]

The running gag among the dance music faithful is to laugh at people who get excited over New Year's Eve or even 4th of July fireworks shows. The reason is simple: the epic firework displays synchronized with lasers,[...]

The Chainsmokerization of Dance Music Yeah, I'm coining the term and this is the right time to do it. This dance music duo has taken the community by storm and catapulted into pop music in a way that[...]

We've talked at length about the pros and cons of Apple's decision to remove the Aux cord from the iPhone 7, but most people figured it was an acceptable trade off to make way for the epic 10th[...]

The Pope praising Daft Punk? Clearly this isn't real life, it's HBO. Next month, HBO is kicking off the limited series event called The Young Pope. The show features Jude Law as a vivacious young Pope that is[...]

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The new year is only just getting started, but Tomorrowland just got everybody super psyched for July already. The festival just revealed...
EDC Las Vegas 2017
EDC Las Vegas 2017

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