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We've already extensively covered the impending trance revival of W&W set to go down at Ultra 2017's A State of Trance stage, but until now we haven't gotten any official music from the new project. We've heard rumblings[...]

Now Ultra Music Festival fever is officially in full swing. The festival has launched its phase 3 and full set times within its 2017 phone apps. Now we finally know that Ultra's 2017 Mainstage closers will be Major[...]

As Miami Music Week approaches, EDMTunes is scouring the interwebs to find you the best parties for every day of MMW2017. We're kicking things off with Tuesday March 21, but stay tuned as we cover each day of[...]

Porter Robinson's Worlds Live Show has become one of the most iconic shows in dance music. The music and the unique visuals have been captivating audiences around the world, and as Porter Robinson prepares to retire the show[...]

S-ZE 2017 Mini-Mix So far the dance music landscape in 2017 has consisted of the big names chasing pop radio future-bass vocal hits and a trance renaissance. However one renowned music label that has remained very quiet throughout[...]

Since the very first cell phone there has been one constant annoyance that all users share. There have always been different chargers and plugs, meaning that anytime you switched brands you had to go out and buy all[...]

It's your lucky day, social-media obsessed fans. Those hip Snapchat Spectacles are officially on sale, and not just from those vending machines either. Snapchat Spectacles allow you to stream a full view from your eyes of whatever is going[...]

Here at EDMTunes we're massive Eric Prydz fans, and we're not alone. Eric consistently puts on unforgettable live sets in both club settings and festivals. While Eric's bread and butter is his intimate club shows and his EPIC[...]

A State of Trance 800 finally kicked off this weekend in Utrecht in the Netherlands, and we've got some of the biggest sets right here. Check out the biggest tunes from Armin van Buuren, Jorn van Deynhoven, Vini[...]

We hope you liked the touchbar from the new 2016 MacBook, because it's coming to your next iPhone. Yes, the iPhone rumors and leaks are sure to continue on for many months, but over the last few cycles,[...]

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David Guetta - Light My Body Up ft. Nicki Minaj & Lil Wayne Yes, we all think about David Guetta in different ways, although...

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