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Tomorrowland continues to be the hottest ticket in music festivals. You might already know that the festival sells out within hours annually, so it made a lot of sense for the festival to expand to 2 weekends for[...]

As dance music has shifted further and further towards radio and pop-friendly songs, artists are starting to feel the effects of the chainsmokerization of their music. One such artist who has drifted far from his original sound is[...]

So we already know that Skrillex has his hands all over the world of hip-hop music, but now he seems to be making a big move back into rock. First, Sonny celebrated his birthday by reuniting with his[...]

And here we were starting to think the festival gods had run out of tricks up their sleeves. These days it takes a lot to turn heads with a lineup, and yet Detroit's Movement techno festival managed to[...]

While many lament the current state of dance music, one subgenre having its own renaissance is trance. Insomniac sensed this when it launched its Dreamstate trance festival property, that has since gained a foothold at all Insomniac festivals.[...]

Despite the dance music community's many infighting sub-genre fan groups, there are some things we all agree on. One of those things is that music award shows like The Grammys are completely irrelevant to our scene, since dance[...]

Bigger isn't always better, and Life in Color 2017 took that message to heart for its 10th Anniversary. The LiveStyle (formerly SFX) owned festival company puts on its flagship event in January in Miami, but this year the[...]

It appears that Reddit and slushii were on to something after all. Last week we told you that slushii accidentally shone a light on "a whole thing" between Skrillex and Diplo. Besides that, there was the mutual unfollowing[...]

Eric Prydz In Concert is one of the technical wonders of the dance music world. EPIC shows incorporate cutting edge holograms and other visuals that are unparalleled. Needless to say, anticipation is sky high for EPIC 5.0, which[...]

It's that time of the year when the allure of fresh powder is too much for many people to resist. Accidents up on the mountain are unfortunately way too common and can happen to anybody. On Tuesday night,[...]

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Faithless Insomnia

Over the past couple of years, there have been videos surfacing on YouTube of casual and dedicated former ravers performing the tune...

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