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Festival season 2017 might just be getting started, but some festivals are already looking ahead to 2018. It might feel like an eternity from now, but Groove Cruise 2018 has announced that it will set sail again on[...]

Arty presents ALPHA 9 @ ASOT800 Ultra 2017 was loaded with artist aliases, new and re-awakened. In fact, Sunday's A State of Trance stage featured 4 trance aliases. Undoubtedly one DJ who made the most of his alias[...]

It's hard these days being a mainstage DJ, and we are entering a period where the mainstage headliners of 2013-2015 are trying to experiment and freshen up their sound to something more authentic. This year already brought Arty,[...]

Miami Music Week, like any festival, can bring about plenty of stress when it comes to coordinating. You need to somehow coordinate the locations of 5+ people, spread out over a 30-mile radius and be able to meet[...]

Ultra continues to be full of surprises, and they just let the first big one out of the bag for 2017. Late Tuesday night, Ultra's phone app sent a notification of a special set announcement. On Sunday at[...]

Ultra Music Festival 2017 is days away, so stage construction hype is in fever pitch. We've watched as the mainstage has taken shape, but the President of SJ Lighting just dropped a major preview of what we can[...]

Ultra Music Festival 2017 is this week and that means it's time to get the lowdown on this year's livestream. This year the livestream will be hosted on Ultra's website, and it will work in conjunction with YouTube[...]

When you think of Coachella you think of that iconic fashionable hipster style, right? This has become so well known that many brands have leaned heavily on Coachella for their own clothing. Urban Outfiiters might be the best[...]

Today is a big day for the White Isle as Ibiza just picked up a huge residency from the dance music maestro, Eric Prydz. The club formerly known as Space Ibiza is now Hi Ibiza and Eric Prydz[...]

You do not want to sleep on this event during Miami Music Week. The wildest of the wild Borgore has teamed up with hilarious Getter for the Buygore vs Trippy Burger showcase. From Borgore's Buygore label you get[...]

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Festival season 2017 might just be getting started, but some festivals are already looking ahead to 2018. It might feel like an...

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