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In the wake of the Manchester attacks, concert/festival attendees need some piece of mind to know that something similar can't happen to them at their next event. In response, Live Nation has activated mandatory elevated risk protocols for[...]

Eric Prydz is one of dance music's most interesting and busy personalities. He manages 3+ distinct aliases and a record label along with a radio show, touring, and the annual EPIC performance. It's a wonder that with all that Eric[...]

In the wake of the Manchester terror attack, pop singer Ariana Grande has felt an extreme sense of guilt. After the attack she tweeted that she was "broken" and she has since retreated from public view. While many[...]

You know the thought has entered your mind this week in the wake of Manchester. What if an Islamic Fundamentalist targeted a music festival? You try to shake the thought, but in a world of unchecked mass migration[...]

The dance music world is reeling from the attack in Manchester yesterday, and so much of the dance music world is centered around the UK. This week Axwell /\ Ingrosso had been scheduled for a special performance in[...]

With all of the focus on the atrocities committed in the name of in Allah today, it's easy to forget that this weekend is a big one for dance music in the UK. Creamfields' is hosting its Steel Yard events in[...]

This morning in Israel, President Trump responded forcefully to the disgusting Manchester terror attack at an Ariana Grande concert. "So many young beautiful innocent people living and enjoying their lives murdered by evil losers in life. I won't[...]

May 22 has been a dark day for the UK and for the world, as terrorists detonated an explosive at the end of an Ariana Grande performance in Manchester, UK. This was yet another unspeakable act of terror, we've[...]

DJ Snake's supposed disappearance is the biggest dance music news of the moment, and the mystery surrounding it continues to deepen. All we know is he cancelled a set at Hangout Fest and also deleted his Twitter and Instagram[...]

Well this is a bit strange to say the least. After rip roaring closing sets at festivals like Ultra and Coachella, DJ Snake was scheduled to perform at Hangout Fest in Alabama today. However, Snake cancelled the performance[...]

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The Rick Ross and Skrillex collaboration, 'Purple Lamborghini' just went certified platinum in the United States with over 1 million copies sold. Rick...

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