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Game of Thrones star Kristian Nairn (Hodor) recently stated his interest in fighting for marriage equality in his home country of Ireland. The actor, who is also an established DJ known for his Rave of Thrones shows, spoke to Belfast Telegraph about his[...]

Deep and future house music superstar Oliver Heldens took a moment out of his busy Miami Music Week schedule to discuss his rise to fame. Heldens talks about his alias HI-LO, future house, and how he got into making his passion his[...]

Chainsmokers - 'Something Just Like This" (4B Remix) 23 year old producer DJ 4B recently released his remix of the chart topping song 'Something Just Like This' by the Chainsmokers and Coldplay. Th remix is sped up from the[...]

Bingo Players - 'No. 1 Disco' Bingo Players released their second song of 2017 and it will have you raving well into the night. The song is very upbeat with high energy drops, buzzing synths, and daft-punk-esque vocal[...]

Los Angeles Trio Cheat Codes sits down with us to discuss how they formed, their musical style, and future plans. The group made up of Kevin Ford, Matthew Russell, and Trevor Dahl gives us an inside scoop of[...]

The boys from Kris Kross Amsterdam have been creating buzz in the dance music community with their chart topping singles 'Sex' and 'Are You Sure'. The down to earth trio made up of Yuki Kempees, Sander Huisman, and[...]

Electronicore Band turned DJs Breath Carolina has been busy over the past few years releasing music through Spinnin' Records. The took a moment to discuss their craziest experience and their transition from a live act to DJs during Miami[...]

 Cazzette feat. JONES - 'Handful of Gold' Swedish electronic music duo Cazzette is continuing to release exciting new music for 2017 that is once again catching the interest of the dance music community. Coming of their success of 'Oceans'[...]

"The time has come for us to gather once again. In this place, where all are welcome." Insomniac recently released the official EDC Las Vegas 2017 trailer that will have you rushing to buy your ticket if you[...]

 Top Ten Most Played Tracks of UMF 2017 Ultra Music Festival this year brought in a collection of music that was new, old, epic, and somewhere in between. Although many fans can agree that some songs may need[...]

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Insomniac head honcho Pasquale Rotella truly took a unique spin on this year's lineup reveal for EDC Las Vegas - happening this year on June 16-19th and arguably...

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