Minneapolis. Lovable Weirdo. Be Happy.

Dillon Francis - Say Less (ft. G-Eazy) Remixes Who doesn’t love Dillon Francis? Seriously, if you do, stop reading and go sit in a corner. Since the release of his latest track, ‘Say Less’ featuring G-Eazy, we’ve seen[...]

PINK SEASON: The Prophecy (ft. Getter, Borgore, Axel Boy, & Tasty Treat Ok, there’s a lot of pretty weird stuff in EDM. That’s ok, we like weird! And in certain cases we hear or see something, that literally[...]

This is a Public Service Announcement to all readers. What you are about to see will cause deep feelings of wanderlust and adventure. We here at EDMTunes take no responsibility (although heavily encourage) for the flights or accomodations[...]

Ultra Music Festival. Born in Miami, Florida and has expanded globally to locations in Brazil, South Africa, Japan, Europe and dozens of other stops on the Road to Ultra. The production is always outstanding. The venues are massive.[...]

Breathe Carolina & Dropgun ft. Kaleena Zanders - Rhythm is a Dancer Talk about a throwback! Most of you likely don’t remember this, but there was an infectious track from the early 90’s from electro-pop group Snap! that[...]

Ghastly x Matthew Koma - We Might Fall When you hear that there’s a new track from Ghastly, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Probably some all-out gnarliness that curdles your stomach and melts your brain[...]

Yotto - Wilderness Girl Are you a fan of house music? If your answer is yes, good. If your answer is no, then…what is wrong with you? JK, but seriously, check out this latest single from house producer[...]

Snails x Botnek - Waffle House You had to know after reading the title of this post that you were about to walk into the weirdest shit that you’ve heard all week. If not, well, you’ve been warned.[...]

Flume - Hyperreal feat. Kučka He’s done it again. It’s almost like he knows we’re craving new music and right on cue, he delivers. As the final release from all of his work on his second album Skin[...]

It’s the time of year when moving on becomes a reality. Our friends are graduating, we’re moving in different directions, and suddenly being an “adult” is slowly sinking in. Well if you’re looking for that track to play[...]

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KSHMR - Strange Lands Fans of KSHMR have been awaiting the release of his new track 'Harder' with dutch grandmaster Tiësto ever since he...

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