Minneapolis. Lovable Weirdo. Be Happy.

Who’s ready to go on another joy ride? Well buckle up because even amidst a North American tour JOYRYDE has dropped another stellar track with a visually impressive music video to match. The track is titled, "I Ware House"[...]

Galantis - Rich Boy Who is ready for some more absurdly happy and upbeat music to carry them through the weekend? Yes, I know, all of us. So you can keep your hands up while Galantis takes you[...]

OH GAWD. THE FEELS. There is seriously no better producer in dance music today that makes you want to feel something than Illenium. After a breakout 2016, the melodic dubstep producer has jumped out of the gate with[...]

Chance The Rapper. Arguably, the fastest rising star in hip hop last year after a massive album release, which spawned a massive tour, which gave him nationwide recognition, and lead to him receiving an insane 7 Grammy nominations,[...]

Getter, Josh Pan and GTA Go B2B2B You weirdos ready for something crazy? Good. Here we go. Last month, Holy Ship!, which is the craziest and most raucous party on the water took place across two weekends. Those[...]

WRLD - Everything (feat. Ashdown) One of the best things about the world of dance music is the insane range of talent. Up and coming producers that are just hitting the scene can put together an arrangement that[...]

Let’s take a vote. The poll is: Name the most experimental and creative producer in dance music today. There should be a few names that undoubtedly come first and are no-brainers. One of those names: Flume. His initial[...]

Sebjak & Will K - Smoke If you’re not sitting down, grab a chair because what you’re about to hear will knock you to the ground. Yes, we are concerned for your safety, but we’re also trying to[...]

Shapov & MEG\NERAK - Breathing Deeper It’s tough to make it through the week. We get it. Those five days in between weekends are filled with obligations and responsibilities that have us counting down the minutes until our next[...]

Zomboy - Like A Bitch (Kill The Noise Remix) There was a particular song last year that dozens of trap and dubstep DJs used during their live sets last year. Here’s a hint: it was possibly the heaviest song[...]

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Calvin Harris has not been secretive with his upcoming collaboration with Migos and Frank Ocean. In fact, he has been very open about...

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