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Kehlani - Undercover (DEVAULT Remix) There’s something about talented singers that just pulls at your heartstrings. One vocalist capable of this is Kehlani, who just two months ago released her debut album, SWEETSEXYSAVAGE. Now, two months later, we[...]

David Guetta - Light My Body Up ft. Nicki Minaj & Lil Wayne Yes, we all think about David Guetta in different ways, although we all share one very interesting memory of him from a very strange Tomorrowland[...]

Bassjackers & Brooks - Joyride The wait is over! For what, you might ask? Festival season of course! So gear up, grab your friends, hop in the car, and head on out to the weekend you’ll never forget.[...]

Since hitting the scene as a teenager, Martin Garrix has become a massive superstar in electronic music. His many hits have cultivated an unbelievably loyal following of fans across the globe. That being said, his appeal does not end at[...]

Enya - Only Time (Manila Killa Edit) Arguably the most relaxing, peaceful, and tranquil song of all time is Enya’s song from the early 2000’s, ‘Only Time.’ One listen and you’ll instantly be lulled into a deep trance-like[...]

k?d - Lose Myself (ft. Phil Good) Kids these days, so damn talented. I mean, when I was a teenager, well…let’s just say things were different. We definitely weren’t making massive tracks or playing sold out festivals across[...]

Flosstradamus x Mayhem - Back Again ft. Waka Flocka Be honest. When Josh from the Trap God duo Flosstradamus announced he was leaving the group, you were concerned. We all were! Nobody likes to see a break up,[...]

Jauz - The Game Raise your hand if you love Jauz. Ok, hands still raised, raise your other hand if you love video games. If you have at least one hand in the air, then you’ll love what[...]

Party Favor - Wawa Hey everybody, I’d like to ask a favor. Could we maybe, I dunno, all get together and party!?! Thought you’d be into that. Well, ladies and gentlemen…start your engines! Party Favor is back with[...]

The weekly Diplo & Friends radio show on BBC Radio 1 has been a right of passage for up and coming artists. The show has premiered some of the fastest-rising names in dance music today, yet has also highlighted[...]

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It's about that time: the Desert Hearts Spring Festival is just a few days away, an epic weekend filled with 72 hours of nonstop...

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