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Tisoki - In Your Eyes ft. Von Alexander Success can be a dangerous game. With even just the slightest amount some people will latch onto you as if they were with you from the start. Suddenly, the people[...]

Malaa - Who Is Malaa #14 If you’re still wondering who the true identity of Malaa is, that’s ok, so are we. The ski-masked producer still remains shrouded in anonymity, so you’re forgiven. However, if you’re unaware of[...]

JOYRYDE Drops High Energy Diplo & Friends Mix It’s basically a right of passage to be featured on Diplo’s radio show, Diplo & Friends on BBC Radio 1. The show consistently features some of the top artists producing[...]

Afrojack & Jay Karama - Diamonds Diamonds. They're a girl's best friend. They're forever and they're the perfect subject matter for Afrojack & Jay Karama's latest trap collaboration, "Diamonds". That's right, I just said Afrojack and trap in[...]

Herobust - Vertebreaker If the title alone doesn’t imply that this track is going to be dangerous then Herobust’s reputation should. Very well known for his ridiculously heavy hitting sound that could possibly wake the dead, Herobust is back[...]

k?d - Genesis Future bass is overplayed. There, I said it. Tons of producers are incorporating aspects of the trendy future bass sound into their production and even more into their live sets. Crowds were overwhelmed with this[...]

Alison Wonderland - Welcome 2017 Mix Seriously talented. Enthusiastic. Australian. And, if given the opportunity, I would take her home to meet my mother. I’m talking about Alison Wonderland. And Alison, if you’re reading this, marry me? Alison[...]

Happy New Year, everyone! At the start of 2017 we all look forward to new beginnings, new experiences, and - here’s hoping - new visuals. We’ve seen some pretty impressive visual stage setups over the last few years;[...]

Dim Mak NYE 2017 Party Mix Are you throwing a party for New Year's Eve? Do you have everything ready? Food, check. Drinks, of course. Music? Umm, I hope so! The key to a successful party is a[...]

2016 Year Mixes It’s the end of the year and with that comes holidays, cold weather (for some of us), and a whole lot of looking back at the year. Facebook does it. YouTube does it. So why[...]

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The new year is only just getting started, but Tomorrowland just got everybody super psyched for July already. The festival just revealed...
EDC Las Vegas 2017
EDC Las Vegas 2017

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