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Vindata - Right Now feat. Njomza and Alex & Alex Vindata is taking us to the mysterious jungle in this wild beat of echoes and tropical dances. Even the introduction starts with an impenetrable chirp of a free[...]

A London teen died after taking a large quantity of MDMA at the O2 in fear of drug dogs finding the illegal substance on her. Emily Lyon, a 17-year-old girl from Middlesex, fainted at an event at the 02[...]

California is the place to be for anyone looking for an unforgettable night out... until that 2AM curfew hits all the bars. In most places across the United States, including California, bars and venues must close up shop at[...]

The xx - Violent Noise (Felix Cartel Remix) Felix Cartel is back at it again with another chill remix from an awesome album. The xx's new album is nothing short of a talented piece of work and it will[...]

Attention! This is not a drill! Boombox Cartel posted a black image on all of their social media outlets. All of their profile pictured have also turned to this bleak and dark image with the words "until next time."[...]

Porter Robinson's brother, Mark, has officially finished chemotherapy after a long battle of treatments. Mark was diagnosed with Burkitt's lymphoma on November 22nd after being hospitalized a few days earlier. Ever since then, he has been going through hell[...]

Bassnectar announced an exciting new curated event for all of the east coasters that couldn't make it to his show down south the previous year. That's right. Basslanta has turned into Basslantic City and he's bringing all of[...]

2CELLOS takes the stage on tour for their fifth anniversary concert at Arena di Verona in Italy. The genius cello players compose instrumental arrangements of current pop and rock songs and other well known tunes. They came out with[...]

Zeds Dead BBC Quest Mix 2017 The boys are back with a new mix on Annie Nightingale's BBC Show this week and we're all in for a treat. With the recent release of their first studio album, Northern Lights, Zeds Dead has[...]

Ultra Europe just released an aftermovie made by some truly talented videographers. The fest hit the shining seas peninsula of Split in Croatia for what looked to be the perfect weekend. Pool parties, nightly rage sessions, stylish dancers and thousands[...]

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Gromo - Give Me “Give Me” was first born back in 2015 but was put on pause for over a year. Over the...

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