Kevin Kluczek


Electric Forest Festival Weekend 1 Recap Electric Forest Music Festival will always be my favorite music festival. Everyone should make it a bucket list item to make it to the festival at least once. The forest has developed[...]

The sun was shining, people were smiling and good music was bumping all around at Bunbury Music Festival this past weekend. This was a young fest that brought a diverse array of artists and fans together in Cincinnatti, Ohio. Friday[...]

We took a visit on a beautiful Memorial Day weekend to Chillicothe Illinois for Summer Camp Music Festival. There's so much to experience at a festival and this one was no different. Past acts included the likes of Big Grizmatik, STS9, Bassnectar and Excision. The lineup this year[...]

It's official. Pemberton Music Festival is cancelled and will not be running for the current 2017 festival season. At first, the signs were pointing south when their social media pages suddenly disappeared. To make matters even worse, the company that[...]

It appears people are already beginning to make the fictional world of Middlelands their home. The festival already has a resident DJ. It didn't take Bassnectar too long to announce yet another residency at the greatest festivals of the[...]

We've all heard of the crazy nonsense that happens at festivals, but Middlelands might take the cake this year. A man trying to get a better view for GRiZ's set was stuck in a tree for several hours before a[...]

It seems like a long time since Bassnectar and G Jones started working on their EP project. It's understandable because the two bass gods have been working on these tracks for two years. in the works for 2yr now, still[...]

To all the true headbangers out there, you knew this was coming and you've known it for a while- Excision is putting together his own music festival. The beloved dubstep artist is slowly leaking more information but Jeff Abel has[...]

Everyone knows that Apple is one of the largest companies out there right now. And Merriam-Webster tweeted out an update to their dictionary that shows Apple in quite an interesting perspective. Words and terms like dad joke, face-palm, first world problem,[...]

LOUDPVCK & Michael Sparks - Bones Catch that new grimy, dirty sound right here on LOUDPVCK and Michael Sparks' new track 'Bones'. It starts off with some ominous noises and a sound similar to a creaky door slamming in a big[...]

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This past year has been quite busy for breakout star Rezz, and she shows no signs of stopping. On Tuesday, the 22-year old producer...

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