Cierra Scalici

The name's Cierra! Chi-town resident. Self-proclaimed music guru. Lover of deep convo, deep dish, & deep house.

Illenium - Afterlife (ft. Echos) Young talent, Nicholas Miller, a.k.a Illenium, is widely known for the sheer beauty he inflects into his music. Miller makes use of a wide assortment of complex and diverse sounds that stray far from[...]

Our Fathers - Up In The Air Hailing from Chicago is must-listen band, Our Fathers, who brilliantly combines Lana Del Rey like vocals, Drake-ish instrumentals, and just enough of a catchy beat to keep you swayin’. Fairly new[...]

Popspoken’s interview with Ryan Gary Raddon, better known as Kaskade, reconfirms he is still the same humble, down-to-earth, dance music producer we fell in love with ages ago). Releasing one successful hit after another since 2001, almost 15 years later[...]

Future X The Weeknd - Low Life (Apato Remix) As a loyal Weeknd fan, I’ll listen to, and enjoy, just about any song that has his dreamy voice in it. However, now and then, remixes will pop up[...]

Fabrikate - SDM ft. Gillette Throwin’ it back to 1994, depending on your age and parent’s leniency, you may or may not remember Gillette’s raunchy debut single titled, “Short Dick Man,” or "SDM." The title blatantly speaks for itself[...]

Most people would agree, New Years Eve is pretty routine…you drop a nice chunk of a change on a fresh outfit, supplies needed for a pregame, and a ticket to a hit-or-miss good time at an over-priced party…at[...]

No stereotyping here, but typically, when you think of a Star Wars fan, you don’t exactly picture the same person gettin’ down at an dance music event. However, much to our surprise, there is in-fact a large population who loves[...]

Trademark - Shut Up And Pop (2015 Mashed Up) As another year comes to an end, we look back on what made 2015 special, with our music as one of the most influential factors. At this point in[...]

Galantis - Runaway (U & I) (Cignature Remix) After conducting a one-person poll (myself), it's been determined Galantis' biggest and best hit, "Runaway," is the most remixable song of the year. Don't confuse this with the most remixed.[...]

Years & Years - Shine (Sam Feldt Remix) For those who are currently experiencing a real winter, the feel-good jams are in high demand. Some people’s go-to on a gloomy day is the good ‘ol tropical-house tune to[...]

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Where The Sea Swings In Like An Iron Gate - Kidnap Kid Kidnap Kid, aka Matt Relton, is famous for his deep and...

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