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Just last year, Mat Zo released his sophomore album Self Assemble. It served as an extremely strong follow up to his initial Grammy-nominated debut. As an album, Self Assemble conceptually has strong dystopian undertones and gives the listener significant insight into the uniquely[...]

MALAA, the Notorious masked producer, has been wowing fans with his no-nonsense approach to house music since the project was debuted in 2015. His music combines the aesthetic and and attitude of the underground house world, with the scale and[...]

Earlier this week, House fans were pleasantly surprised to see South Africa's most prominent DJ, Black Coffee, among the list of guest contributors on Drake's newest release More Life.  On track 5 of the album titled "Get It Together", Black Coffee[...]

SNBRN & BLU J - You Got Me feat. Cara Frew Now a veteran producer, SNBRN has been wowing fans with his productions since his debut into the scene several years ago. In his new collaboration with BLU J, a[...]

Wax Motif has made a name for himself in the scene with his hard hitting hip-hop inspired house music. Influenced by UK house, R&B and hip-hop, Wax Motif has released dozens of tunes that have helped propel the growing[...]

YouTube has been at the forefront of social media development for a long time now. The platform's products have become so pervasive that YouTube has now become the preferred means for sharing and viewing videos online. YouTube and its[...]

CamelPhat's new Hangin With Charlie EP released last Friday, March 10! With their release on Relief Records, this EP features three blistering tech house tracks that are ideal to kick off yout week. CamelPhat is a British duo who formed in[...]

Paris Hilton recently shared a video of her playing on a ROLI Seaboard, an innovative new piece of performance equiptment. Although the video didn't show her recording the melody, this could be the beginning of an upcoming Paris Hilton release or[...]

HI-LO - The Answer (Oliver Heldens Edit) HI-LO is a side project that Oliver Heldens formed to explore the darker, deeper side of house music. The HI-LO sound has become known for funky hi-hats, dark modulating bass-lines, and creative use[...]

Festival season 2017 seems to be off to a great start. With dozens of widely anticipated new festivals going down around the country, there have never been so many good options for festival-goers to choose from. Phoenix Lights is[...]

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Festival season 2017 might just be getting started, but some festivals are already looking ahead to 2018. It might feel like an...

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