Anjunastar (Mayank)

Like my writing name suggests, I'm one who's soul is aroused by most sub genres of dance music especially Above & Beyond's. I'm no connoisseur but with the intensity my curiousness is fuelled by my inclinations, I might become one. If you walk across a house in Halifax, Canada that always has its bass up and a cool looking guy shuffling, that is probably my den ;)

Mount Dora, Florida witnessed a horrid night as a lethal shooting resulted in one man dying while another was found in a critical state. The shooting took place outside a massive Rave Party named Project X that hosted[...]

I Want Your Attention- Moon Boots Feat Fiora It's official! Moon Boots has released a new single off Anjunadeep. Based out of Brooklyn, New York, his album First Landing is set to be out on August 4th. The single 'I[...]

Andrew Rayel Feat. Angelika Vee - Never Let Me Go Andrei Rata, better known as Andrew Rayel is a leading Dj/producer in today's Trance scene. Andrew hails from Moldova and first burst on to the scene with ‘550 Senta’,[...]

  Split Will Continue Hosting Ultra Europe Until 2022 Europe's favourite dance music event, Ultra Europe has confirmed its stay in Split, Croatia until 2022, at least. The vociferous fans from all around the world have welcomed this[...]

24 Year Old Dies Trying To Swallow A Pack Of Weed One of the unfortunate things that happen at a music festival is accidents related to drugs. A young man from Split, Croatia has become the latest victim[...]

MaRLo - Onaj MaRLo has established himself as the #1 Trance Dj in Australia and his trance/tech tunes have brought him accolades and opportunities from the industry's biggest players. MaRLo's latest work 'Onaj' is out now on Armin's A State Of[...]

Grum - Shining (Extended Mix) Graeme Shepherd aka Grum has come a long way from his first taste of fame in the dance industry with his single 'Heartbeats'. The Scottish DJ/producer has just come out with a promising[...]

Yotto's Groovy 2017 Summer Mix Is Finally Here Hot on the heels of his immaculate rework of Lane 8's and Kidnap Kid's 'Aba', Yotto has dished out what is a near perfect summer mix for 2017. He will[...]

Soundcloud Claims It Is Fully Funded Going Into Q4 Soundcloud has come out with a swift response to the Techcrunch report that claimed they are on a verge of going down heading into Q4. The verbose and seemingly[...]

Soundcloud has been in dire-straits since a while now. The recent developments are only suggesting worse for the streaming service industry's fading star. On the back of closing operations at their SanFrancisco and London offices, SC held a[...]

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Meeting People At Festivals: Friends, Lovers, And Everything In Between It’s 2 AM, you haven’t showered in three days, you’re high as a kite,...

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