Google Has Sold A Home Speaker Every Second After Its Release

Small smart speakers have become the rage lately with Amazon Alexa and Google Home. They provide a way for people to get a lot done hands free. They have been selling like crazy and no one really knew at what rate until Google just let us know.

Google claims it has sold “more than one” Home Speaker per second since the Home mini started shipping on October 19th. That means they have sold at least 6.4 million units between the release and the end of the year – that’s a lot! Google also reported the Home usage increased by 9 times during the holiday season, maybe from everyone at home trying to show their friends their new toy.

We’d like to compare this to the sales numbers for Amazons Echo unit but Amazon is notorious for not providing sales information. But indicators show that both tech giants saw boosts in the speaker sales near the end of the year. Both of them providing smaller units, like the Echo and the Home Mini, triggered more people to impulse buy compared to the higher priced units.