Justice Reveals David Guetta Releases Music Under Unknown Aliases


David Guetta Justice aliases

Justice reveals David Guetta Releases Music Under Unknown Aliases

Justice, the famed French electronic duo comprising of Gaspard Auge and Xavier De Rosnay came into the spotlight with D.A.N.C.E in 2007. D.A.N.C.E became an international buzz and spread like an epidemic in the summer of that year. In a recent interview with CSTAR, Justice revealed that David Guetta releases music under aliases we are not aware of.

David Guetta has, fairly or not, become dance music’s favorite punchline. Whether it is his blockbuster songs like ‘Dangerous‘ and ‘This One’s For You‘ (to name a few) or his interesting blow-ups on stage while playing live in front numerous fans, he always finds himself in the news. Nobody with discerning taste would tell you they respect his music recently, but Justice seem to disagree.

During the interview which is in French. Justice has to choose between Vitalic and Guetta, Xavier says Vitalic but then says that “Guetta made a strange choice releasing really really good music under fake names” (Translated from French). The way he held back while almost hesitatingly admitting what he did is bound to spark curiosity among David Guetta’s fans. So what are these aliases, David? We’re actually dying to know.

Check out the snippet from the interview and see for yourself.

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