Marshmello – Ritual ft. Wrabel (Ray Volpe Remix)


Marshmello – Ritual ft. Wrabel (Ray Volpe Remix)

Known for his fluffy bounce tracks, Marshmello captured our hearts with good vibes last year. His massive production style garnered him thousands of fans in dance as well as pop music. However, for those EDM loyalists that prefer face-melting bass, Ray Volpe has just delivered a gut-wrenching remix to Marshmello’s huge track, ‘Ritual.’

First things first, if you’re not familiar with Ray Volpe, fix it. This guy is making moves with some of the heaviest tracks we’ve ever heard. His latest remix of Mello’s track is no exception. So, prepare yourself to go hard AF as this up and coming producer takes the original and takes the level of raunchy bass to a whole other level. You can stream this track below and be sure to keep an eye out for more from Ray Volpe as he continues to melt faces this summer!

Marshmello – Ritual (Ray Volpe Remix)

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