Party Favor – Wawa


Party Favor – Wawa

Hey everybody, I’d like to ask a favor. Could we maybe, I dunno, all get together and party!?! Thought you’d be into that. Well, ladies and gentlemen…start your engines! Party Favor is back with his first original titled, ‘Wawa.’ This is his first original track since dropping his massive Party & Destroy EP last year.

Whatever the recipe is, Party Favor has figured it out. With his impressively hyped up style that takes festival trap to a whole new level and adds bass that shakes walls and makes you lose your mind. The title is a little wonky, but then again, so is this track. From start to finish this track is high energy so when this drops next week at Ultra Music Festival or anytime the rest of the summer, get ready to move your body, because Party Favor is here and he came for only one reason. We’ll let you guess what that is. We predict this will be one of the biggest tracks during Miami Music Week this year. Stream or download his latest original track below. Enjoy!

Party Favor – Wawa|Download

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