k?d – Genesis



k?d – Genesis

Future bass is overplayed. There, I said it. Tons of producers are incorporating aspects of the trendy future bass sound into their production and even more into their live sets. Crowds were overwhelmed with this style in 2016 and as with most things, it became ordinary. Well, It’s 2017 and k?d is redefining that sound. Today, it’s with his latest creation, “Genesis“.

Arguably, one of the more creative artists in production styles, k?d had a massive 2016 when he impressively remixed Daft Punk, Justice, and Porter Robinson. That’s no small task for any artist! He also released a ton of pretty phenomenal originals that had the community buzzing. His latest original is another hit that takes future bass in the direction that we all want it to see it. Creatively into the future. The tune is available for streaming and a free download, so don’t miss out on this one; It’s definitely ahead of it’s time.

k?d – Genesis | Free Download

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