JOYRYDE – DAMN ft. Freddie Gibbs


JOYRYDE – DAMN ft. Freddie Gibbs

As much as the next person, I definitely appreciate a song that hits you in the face from the very first beat. I’m sure you can think of a few. Whether it’s a gnarly baseline, clever lyrics, or just throwing you right into the fire with absolute musical anarchy. Well, JOYRYDE just hit us with a track exactly like that titled, “DAMN.” Pretty clever title considering your first reaction will be to take a step back and say to yourself…”damn.”

The first thing you hear on this tune are lyrics from Freddie Gibbs. And they go hard! Even the style of his rap is fitting for the instrumental layers of this track. The hard-hitting trap song is just another banger coming from JOYRYDE who is definitely making a name for himself as he delivers hits on repeat. You can snag the free download and stream below, but before you go too far away, check out the stimulating visuals for this track. Joyryde has our attention and we’re giving him the green light!

JOYRYDE – DAMN ft. Freddie Gibbs|Free Download

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