Gunslinger – Mental Noise (Directors Cut)


Mental Noise

Gunslinger – Mental Noise (Directors Cut)

Coming in hot before the weekend is Gunslinger with a little something something you think you might know, but with some new surprises. Droppin’ as a free download, “Mental Noise (Directors Cut)” is a revamped rendition of his Magik Musik release several months ago, and takes things to a whole new level, making for a much more robust audible journey. Taking things in a less mainstream “EDM” direction and more towards the realm of alternative+indie dance, “Mental Noise” is a dangerously potent chemistry set of driving synths, heavy guitars, pounding drums, and an indefatigable bassline to keep the energy going. With the director’s cut, you get the same length of music but much more depth, ebbing and flowing from calm to insane, making for a great dance floor offering. Check it out below, let us know what you think, and don’t forget to grab the free download!

Gunslinger – Mental Noise (Directors Cut) | Free Download